The first, and obvious: a new blog layout. In fact, I am moving this blog to github (and will change to point to it shortly).

In addition, I’ve decided not to keep all the previous blog posts, though they could be imported fairly easily.

Career Change

This week marks the first week I am no longer at airG. It was a great run over 8 years (with ups and downs), but now I am looking for a new adventure! And if anything, the field of software development has only gotten more exciting.

Last year was when I really took an interest in the whole nosql area, along with node.js. This year is MOAR! I expect Perl is not what I will end up working with any longer, at least not for a majority of the software most companies want developed. The JVM-based languages look really interesting, I recently picked up ‘Land of Lisp’, and may even do some old-school C again. I find more and more that I want to know the features of most languages, and be able to use a mix, with a concentration of one or two.

As an example of the awesome things to progress further with (and I will blog about):

There are also several key papers that I have been reading (and will blog these too):

There are many others of course, this is just part of my initial list.