Goodbye Gmail

Email and Privacy

I’ve been a long time user of Gmail. I use my gmail address for…well, everything that you need an email address for. But there’s a downside to using a free service like Gmail. You are the product - or more specfically data about you is …

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The text editor for those who want speed and features.

I’ve been a long-time user of vim (and have dabbled with emacs). But it’s really only been the last 2-3 years that I have make a serious commitment to learning more of vim’s features.

I thought I …

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A side of Scala

Scala Logo

I’ve been investing time in a few different technologies and programming languages lately. One of the languages that has surprised me is Scala. I’d heard about it, even took a peek at it many years ago, and promptly went on to other things. However, after meeting with Jeremy …

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Time for a Change

The first, and obvious: a new blog layout. In fact, I am moving this blog to github (and will change to point to it shortly).

In addition, I’ve decided not to keep all the previous blog posts, though they could be imported fairly easily.

Career Change

This …

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Introducing Cassandra

Cassandra Logo

Lately I’ve been trying out Cassandra @ work. Just recently I took a webinar that DataStax hosted (the commercial company behind Cassandra), and conducted by Tim Berglund (@tlberglund). The webinars introduce Cassandra for developers and operations. A great way to get started understanding what Cassandra does, and doesn’t do …

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Catching up with the future

One of the things that started happening @work in the last year is that more developers within the company began looking to use a wider (and more recent) selection of technology. @work has been running for years on a LAMP (Linux, Apache 1.3x, MySQL, Perl) stack.

With a move …

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Android Emulator 2.2 and Android Market

One of the drawbacks to not having an actual Android phone (for now) is that I want to see what apps are available, but Google only has a sampling of what’s available on their web site. I find that rather annoying.

Of course, I do have the emulator, and …

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